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Automating Recall with Abtrace

Transforming blood pressure monitoring in just 5 days

The Problem

Like many practices, one of our clients had a significant number of patients who were overdue blood pressure monitoring. We know that this is challenging to keep on top of, and demands valuable staff time and inefficient workarounds; from manual searches, keeping patient lists up to date, following up on patients... the list goes on...

The "Traditional" Approach

To recall their patients, our client would:

  • Manually search for patients overdue a blood pressure check and individually contact these patients
  • Run a targeted recall campaign by calling patients and sending texts and letter reminders
  • Encourage patients to book in for a blood pressure appointment by advertising with posters in the waiting room

These “traditional” and reactive methods are time consuming and use already scarce and valuable staff time, capacity and appointments.

The Abtrace Approach

Instead, our client used Abtrace’s Automated Recall feature to proactively monitor their patients. This feature instantly identifies which patients are due -or almost due - a clinical test, and automatically sends these patients a remindermessage, through SMS or email (if they have consented so).

On using the feature for the first time, the practice:

  • Successfully sent 78 messages asking patients to submit a blood pressure reading or visit the practice or pharmacy for a blood pressure check.
  • Within just 5 days, 55 patients had their blood pressure updated – a 71% success rate.
  • Within 4 weeks, 112 messages had been successfully sent and 90 patients had their blood pressure updated – increasing the success rate to 80%.

The practice achieved this without using valuable staff resources; saving staff time and therefore practice costs. Additionally, by automating the monitoring and recall process, the time spent manually doing this by HCAs and nurses previously was freed up, resulting in more appointments and clinical capacity to deliver direct patient care.

It doesn't stop there though. Once the practice has caught up with those who areoverdue, our tool will continually monitor and automatically recall patients who will become overdue soon, eliminating the need for staff to keep track of this. Abtrace can also tell how the practice is performing overall against common guidelines and rules, like QOF and CQC, through a simple traffic-light system, where:

  • Green means a patient is up to date - in this case, having their blood pressure checked.
  • Orange means a patient isn't yet overdue, but they soon will be - we call this opportunistic testing.
  • Red means a patient is now overdue their test - for example, if they need an annual blood pressure check but their latest one is over a year ago.

This practice is already well on their way to keeping patients up to date this year. Over half (57%) of their patients are now up to date for blood pressure checks. 28% are orange - meaning they'll soon be due and will be picked up by Automated Recall, making them green. The remainder who are red will continue to be flagged, and it's early enough in the QOF year to make sure that they too are green by April!

Abtrace's proactive approach to monitoring and recalling patients means that your patient lists and monitoring will always be up to date, allowing you to achieve more with less, and freeing up valuable time to focus on what mattersmost for practices - looking after your patients.

It really is that easy!

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