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Proactive Monitoring and Intelligent Recall

Fully integrated with EMIS and SystmOne, the Proactive Monitoring tool helps practices save time, optimise resources and maximise their QoF revenue.

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We built the tool with everyone in mind

From management to doctors, nurses, reception teams and HCAs

Manage all chronic disease requirements in one sitting.

Easily see what your patients need and action it opportunistically, even when you are seeing them for something different.

Get a global overview of your patient care status.

Prioritise your staff's efforts for maximum impact. Pull actionable lists for patient management and maximise your QOF revenue in ample time for your end of year targets.

Automate your recall process and send self-booking links to patients.

Quickly manage your repeat prescriptions in a simple panel.

Identify drug specific requirements and ensure safe prescribing with up-to-date monitoring.

See what needs to be actioned for each patient without having to rely on GP's input.

Be confident that everything the patient needs doing will be actioned. Message the patient straight from the patient view.

The Product

Be Proactive in your Patient Monitoring.

Intelligent, Optimised Appointments

Make every contact count.
See all outstanding and upcoming actions in one simple view.
Plan and capture all required data in one appointment.

Automated Recall Process

Complete Automation of the Recall Process
Patients are automatically identified and messaged when recall is overdue or due soon.
Empower patients to book directly into appointments by sending Self-booking links.
Message individual patients, filtered cohorts or automate the whole process.
Full EHR, email, and SMS integration.

Realtime Recall Dashboards

Clearly see monitoring status of every patient in one simple view.
Rapid filtering for patient cohorts based on monitoring requirements.
Automated daily smart searches for QOF,SPS, IIF, CQC and LCS criteria keep you up to date.
Read and write back to EMIS and TPP SystmOne.

One-Click Code Correction

Optimise historical and missing patient codes.
Intelligent searches provide coding corrections and explanations.
Accurate case finding for commonly missed disease registers.
Fully integrated SNOMED codes

The Benefits

Automate your patient recall. Save time and money for your practice.

Improve Quality of Care

  • Improve patient safety.
  • Ensure safe prescribing.
  • Ensure up-to-date evidence-based monitoring.
  • Streamline holistic care.
  • Avoid patients returning for missed tests this financial year.
  • Empowers patients with self-booking for appointments.

Improve Workplace Satisfaction

  • Save Clinician TIme.
  • Save Administrator Time.
  • Clear visualisation of requirements without distracting pop-ups.
  • Easy data entry and write-back in realtime.
  • No need for Clinical (SystmOne) or Population Reporting (EMIS).
  • Eliminate the need to run manual recall campaigns.
  • No need for in depth understanding of SNOMED codes.

Optimise Finances

  • Keep practices QOF, CQC and LCS ready.
  • Aid end of year reporting.
  • Optimise practice revenue by ensuring correct remuneration.
  • Easy data entry ensures correct codes are entered first time.
  • Save practice costs by automating manual tasks.
  • Release administrative and clinical time to focus on high value tasks.
  • PCN and multi-year discounts.

The Vision

Our vision is an automated, self-learning care system where we can provide personalised care, delivered at population scale - where predictive, preventative and proactive approaches keep people healthy and out of hospital.

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